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Become a writer with Project Alexandria today! Earn volunteer hours while working at your own pace and writing notes!

Why should I be a Writer?

Writing as a part of Project Alexandria allows you to be a part of a global nonprofit dedicated to making education and schooling as easy and convenient as possible for children. Alongside the joy of helping children, you'll earn volunteer hours, strengthen your college resume, and show your academic ability all the while working at your own pace and learning. 

Writer Entailments


As a writer of Project Alexandria, you are required to create at least two total "sections" of notes a month. These sections can be found in the spreadsheet listed below and will correspond with sections found on Khan Academy. One of these sections will be assigned to you. You are allowed to complete as many sections as you want.

Time Commitment

Being a writer for Project Alexandria is extremely flexible and low-stress. You can turn in notes at any time, only with the requirement that two are finished by the end of every month. Each section will be two volunteer hours.


As a writer for Project Alexandria, your notes will be featured in our Library for all students across the world to use. If possible, use digitally written notes but handwritten or typed notes are also accepted. You will be credited as the author of the note set. Each note set you complete will count as two volunteer hour.


Check here to see how you rank against our other writers.

Score top three monthly to receive awards and titles.

Note Catalog

Check here to find which notes are completed, in-progress, or haven't been started yet, as well as your monthly assignment. Reserve your set by filling the form out below.

Submit Notes

Submit your completed notes here for review.

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