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Here you will find Cognitia's future ambitions, goals, and initiatives. Find out what we are aiming to bring to you in the near future. This page will be regularly updated as Cognitia progresses.

Q1 2022

School Supply Network

We aim to start a free school supply network at each Cognitia branch established. These supplies will be available for both students and staff of the respective school district.

Status: In Progress

Volunteer Using Sign Language
Making Notes

Q4 2022

Note-Sharing Network

We aim to start a note-sharing library on our website by the second quarter of 2022. This library will provide student and teacher compiled notes for a majority of high-school classes.

Status: Compiling Library for Release

Q4 2022

College Mentors

We plan to incorporate college mentors into our program allowing for high-school students to pair up with college students to mentor about admissions, schools, and college life.

Status: Creating Structure

Office work

Q4 2022

ACT/SAT Prep Seminars

By the second quarter of 2022, we plan to host online ACT/SAT seminars from students who have excelled at these classes. One on One help is also planned.

Status: Not Started

Conference Event
Business Conference

Q3 2023

United States Coverage

By the third quarter of 2023, we plan to establish at least one Cognitia branch in every state

Status: In Progress

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