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Student leaders striving for better education



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Supporting Students Worldwide

Cognitia aims to facilitate quality tutoring by the most accomplished high school students across the world. Through rigorous standards and a mandatory interview process supplemented with teacher recommendations, Cognitia ensures that students only receive the best of the best. World-class tutoring is no longer just for the top one percent. Our mission is to bring this top-tier quality of education to all at no cost.


The Essentials For Success

Cognitia aims to bolster each community with a successful tutoring initiative with the resources to provide free school supplies to children in need. After reaching a stable point of operations in a starting branch, Cognitia will gradually introduce new initiatives to further help the surrounding community. At no cost to the community, Cognitia will send resources and supplies for distribution to students.

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College Students

Setting Up The Next Generation

Each and every student involved in the everyday operations of Cognitia grows leadership abilities day by day. Whether that be mentoring a student, helping with your community branch, or managing the global initiative of Cognitia, your leadership skills are honed and perfected. Creating the next generation of leaders, Cognitia is giving outstanding students invaluable experience on managing teams and mentoring.



An Endless Library Of Information

Alexandria is an online library hosted by Cognitia, consisting of handpicked student written notes for subjects ranging from astronomy to zoology. Drawing from our vast network of tutors, we can easily find writers to create custom notes for common high school classes. A carefully vetted team of curators and writers comb each and every page for errors before adding it to the library, providing the most trustworthy collection of student written notes on the internet.

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