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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Welcome to Cognitia. We're a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality educational services free of charge to children across the world. We believe in a future where all children have a mode of support independent of their parents, income, or ease of access. Cognitia is here to bring you that future.

our story

Cognitia is made up of a diverse team of like-minded individuals, all aiming towards a common goal, spreading affordable and easy to access support globally. Established in 2021, we formed after realizing the glaring issues that were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, plaguing the education system of our community and many others like us. From just a couple high school kids with an idea, we've grown into an international support initiative ready to help. With nothing but our ambition limiting us, we're shooting for the stars.




Vincent Dong

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Vincent is a Junior at Boardman High School who aspires to be a neurosurgeon. As the Founder and Chairman, he oversees and directs the operations of Cognitia while reaching out to businesses and officials to further the growth of education in the community. Vincent founded Cognitia to fill a void of educational services available to children outside of school in the world. Vincent hopes to provide all children with the opportunity to succeed in academics with the help of Cognitia at no cost to the families.

Board of directors


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