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Connecting The World's Brightest Minds

An international organization of student leaders united towards one single goal to advance the global education system. Brought together by Cognitia, a constantly evolving network of leaders engage in ideas with each-other to collectively improve. Communication between worldwide branches allows for our student leaders to easily bounce feedback off of others for insight and constructive criticisms on branch operations and future initiatives. With Cognitia, when one branch grows, everyone grows.



A New Age Of Modernized Tutoring

Cognitia is the first organization of its kind to have a dedicated round-the-clock tutoring force from every corner of the world. Connected by our branch network, we have the ability to distribute our volunteer force to most adequately suit the needs of every region around the world. In this modern age, there is no reason each and every community should not a gave a tailor-made plan to support it as efficiently as possible.

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Providing The Essentials To Success

Through our vast network of student leaders who know the most about their own community, we are able to efficiently distribute supplies to families in need with no child left behind. Using the same method of need-based distribution we use with our tutoring force, we prevent wasted resources while properly addressing the communities with the most prominent supply lapses.



The Keys To Limitless Growth

Cognitia provides each and every one of its student leaders with a wide range of tools and information needed to grow the core tenets of our vision in their own community. Starting with basic programs such as tutoring and supply distribution, we prepare our leaders to grow initiatives of their own with Cognitia. Using our network of leaders, crucial feedback and cooperation launches each leader to start their own idea.

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