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Open to all high school students worldwide.



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Starting a branch requires both a Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager and Public Relations Manager. Tutors will be recruited and appointed by the Executive Committee. (Managers)

As founders of your own Cognitia branch, you will be expected to reach out to your local community for tutors and tutees as well as reporting to management once a week.

Starting a branch requires strong commitment as well as flexibility. Before starting your own branch, make sure you are fully committed and available for this project. This will require roughly 1-4 hours of work a week.

Joining Cognitia is a special opportunity to show your leadership and organizational skills to the others while having fun. As a 501(c)3 pending organization, members are also able to receive volunteer hours.

Founders of Cognitia are some of the most prestigious and outstanding students of their school. We accept only the most capable students to be the faces of our organization. You will be expected to provide prior leadership experience and academic achievements to show your abilities. Multiple teacher recommendations will be required.


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