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Revitalizing modern education one step at a time

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students in the U.S. do not have access to basic school supplies.



of families cannot afford private tutoring for their students.




a student drops out of a U.S. high school.


Education is the future of our society. In a world driven by information and technology, an alarming amount of children are being left behind in their academics. Cognitia seeks to bolster the educational support structure of communities around the world through student run initiatives. Our focus is to make educational success accessible to all students regardless of background. Join us in our mission to build a better society for our future generations today.






Impacting Education for the Next Generation

Purpose-driven and Student-centric

Cognitia is an education-focused solutions organization that leverages its vast network of interoperating branches to accelerate the development and bolstering of better educational foundations around the world. Cognitia facilitates a worldwide system of volunteer leaders and tutors, a unique attribute found in no other organization like it. Cognitia's approach is to transform the education field through the creation of volunteer-led tutoring platforms in communities around the world, and prioritizing the individual student when it comes to success.

Private Tutoring
Accelerating Education
Working in Office

Cognitia connects every one of its branches around the world through a network to adequately address the needs of all communities while distributing the resources of the connected branches to most efficiently solve the issue. As the sun sets in the community of one branch, another community sees the sunrise. A 24/7 worldwide volunteer tutor network allows for maximum flexibility of both the students as well as the tutors. Cognitia is the only organization in its field to offer such a widespread web of support and interoperating branches.

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